Seems like just yesterday we said hello to our summer interns Dominic and Mishael. To celebrate their summer of learning, they’ve put together a top ten list. Drumroll please….

Ten Things I’ve Learned While Interning at Safex

10. How to concisely write an awesome report.

9. Ohio has an immense number of customized license plates.

8. OSHA/EPA regulation interpretation and application.

7. The team of consultants is very helpful.

6. Not many people like the Steelers around Columbus…. GO ‘LERS! (~Dominic)

5. Construction workers scramble to get PPE when they see the safety person.

4. How to use a PortaCount to conduct quantitative respirator fit testing.

3. What to look for during construction site inspections and how to check condition of PPE.

2. How to write LOTO procedures and identify equipment needing a procedure.

1. Good industrial hygiene practices, including how to properly conduct sampling.

Mishael and Dominic, we’re glad we could aid in your professional development this summer. Good luck to Dominic who is entering his last year at Slippery Rock University and Mishael who’s beginning an industrial hygiene graduate program at Purdue University.